The best way for large teams to collaborate and share knowledge

bst365体育投注网址大全Share and find critical company information in a centralized, private, and secure space.

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Everything in one place

Stop digging through chat threads, emails, and wikis. Our Enterprise solution helps teams find answers when it matters most.

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We don’t have questions that are unanswered for more than a couple of minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.
Tyler McDougall
Development Team Lead, IMC

Privacy and security

bst365体育投注网址大全Enterprise is hosted on a dedicated instance in the cloud, or on your premises. So your information’s safe from prying eyes.

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Access control

bst365体育投注网址大全Control your instance through your own IdP with AD or SAML.

End-to-end encryption

bst365体育投注网址大全Your data’s encrypted at rest in the database and in transit using your own certificate.

Decide what people see

Segment information so it's only visible to a subset of team members.

Dedicated community manager

One of our community managers will help you roll out Enterprise to your team, handling setup, onboarding, and ongoing optimization. So it’ll be a hit now – and in the future.

See your productivity soar

Big businesses use Enterprise to collaborate better, work smarter, and be more productive.

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return on investment

Forrester Consulting’s TEI study interviewed four enterprise organizations. A composite based on these interviews saves $3.5 million (179%)bst365体育投注网址大全 over three years using Enterprise by spending less time asking and answering questions.

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